10 anterior sgte.
Cantante: Anita Carter
Canción: (Come All Ye) Fair And Tender Ladies
Original Airdate: 1962
Versión original
Imagen: Heckett
Autor: Maybelle Carter
  • Come all ye fair and tender ladies
  • Take warning how you court young men
  • They're like a star on a summer morning
  • They first appear and then they're gone

  • They'll tell to you some loving story
  • And make you think that they love you well
  • Then away they'll go and court some other
  • And leave you there in grief to dwell

  • I wish I was on some tall mountain
  • Where the ivy rock is black as ink
  • I'd write a letter to my own true lover
  • Whose cheeks are like the morning pink

  • Oh, love is handsome, love is charming
  • And love is pretty while it's new
  • But love grows cold as love grows older
  • And fades away like mornin' dew
  • And fades away like mornin' dew

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