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La persecución del Zorro-1966-1a55.jpg
Cantante: The Aquatones
Canción: My treasure
Original Airdate: 1958
Película La persecución del Zorro (1966)
Written by: Dave Goddard
Imagen: Maria Grazia Buccella
Produced by:

The Aquatones - My Treasure



Verse 1

I kissed your lips, your burning lips,

And I found a treasure of gold (oo___)

I realized, from the look in your eyes

I’d found a wealth untold.

Verse 2

You smiled at me, and I could see

The love light burning so bright (oo___)

Forevermore, I will adore

You every day and night.


Please, please never go

You know what you mean to me.

Stay here, by my side

Don’t ever set me free.

Verse 3

If I should lose, your__ love

Life would be sorrow and pain (oo___)

Stay with me here, cover my fear

Don’t let my tears fall like rain.

Don’t let my tears fall___

Like rain.


    • Letra de la canción ., cortesía del Sr. Dave Goddard , compositor de la canción - escrito por Youtube 19/12/2015